In the end of March 2018 R.S.V.P finished a digital project, initiated and realized by the agency’s team, WOOLRICH brand and an outstanding local photographer Timofey Kolesnikov. 

In framework of the project Timofey created six atmospheric urban videos, disclosing spirit and history of WOOLRICH and its iconic garment – the Arctic Parka. The brand team picked six local opinion leaders and creative professionals, who matched WOOLRICH’s style and message best. Among these appeared to be a singer and actress Yang Ge, a model Anastasia Krivosheeva, a producer Daria Yastrubitskaya, a writer Dmitry Belokon’, an actress Aleksandra Revenko and Timofey Kolesnikov himself. 

The concept of the WOOLRICH X KOLESNIKOV special project was suggested by R.S.V.P digital and fashion departments. The message of videos is based on historical background of the Arctic Parka creation – the symbol of collaboration. WOOLRICH was the first brand in fashion history that made up an ultimate winter parka design. Originally Arctic Parkas were invented for the workers of Trans-Alaska Pipeline in 1970-s. This project was almost unmanageable: the men had to lay the pipe in extreme conditions and at a low temperature. To conquer severe nature of Alaska, they got a new uniform outwear – parkas. These garments helped them survive, break through the burden and complete one of the major projects of all times. 

To emphasize this episode of WOOLRICH heritage, the special project members shared their personal stories about their victories, turning points and achievements in life, that made them to some extent pathbreakers. 

The video content was created with drone camera in accordance with ZOOM UP technique, which allowed to get impressive panoramic shots and ambient close-up views. The shooting took place on Novoandreevsky bridge in the heart of Moscow. The looks with Arctic Parkas were created by R.S.V.P fashion department team. 

Project participants shared their videos and texts via Facebook and Instagram. Videos shared via three digital channels have got almost 100K views and total reach has been equal to 305K users.