The Launch Of The iQOS In Russia

In the end of the 2015 Russia, alongside with Japan, Italy and Switzerland, became one of the first countries, where the innovative product iQOS was launched for sale. The first stage of the sale campaign was the KOL (key opinion leader) program, developed by R.S.V.P PR agency. The main purpose of the program was to build a loyal pool of the representatives of the creative class, trendsetters and journalists as well as to create the right climate of opinion by the opening of the iQOS flagship boutique.   Over the period of 6 months the agency's KOL programs attracted more than 200 participants from various fields: media, cinema, TV, fashion, art and design. The cooperation with KOLs comprised the development and organization of special events, PR support of the opening of the iQOS flagship boutique in Atrium shopping mall along with the production of the video materials.