i Saloni Exhibition. Milan-Moscow


For more than 55 years Salone del Mobile.Milano bears the name of one of the most significant international events in the sphere of interior design. Since 2005, R.S.V.P agency organizes annual press tours to Milan, involving the representatives of the leading media from Russia, CIS and the Baltic states as well as fulfills daily communication with the journalists, aimed at the promotion of the exhibition on the mentioned territories.

The agency is also responsible for the strategy development and implementation of promotional campaigns in support of the Moscow edition of the exhibition since the date of its launch in Russia. The agency manages the 24/7 work of the press office, handles media planning, organization of events, specials projects, partner programs as well as promo-campaigns in social media etc.

Undoubtedly Russia is one of the most profitable markets for the Italian furniture manufacturers. Year over year the number of the Russian guests at Salone del Mobile.Miano as well as the number of visitors from all over the country of the Moscow edition keep confirming this fact. And to a large extent this is the result of successful strategic planning and implementation of the promotional campaigns.

Olga Kosyreva
Salone del Mobile.Milano is like a New Year, a baseline for designers, architects, manufacturers and distributors. And for design lovers as well, of course – as there is no other place in the world where you can see so many new, interesting, extraordinary and creative things at one time.
Olga Kosyreva
journalist, design expert, moderator of the master-classes at i Saloni WorldWide.
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Project by Gustavo Martini (@gustavomartini)
Supported by industry Carlo Citterio #citterio
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FOREST WOOL STOOL is a chair made of pine needles, it shows how the biggest trash coming from the (forestry) industry could be put to new uses. And with a yearly waste of  420 million kilograms needles, you can make 70 million chairs. As we consume more wood then we plant, proper consumption of the whole tree can provide great solutions.

Designer: Tamaro Orjola contact for more info!

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Schnitt itself is a family of pieces. The application of use has been left to the user. Is it a table? A stool? Shelves? Make it your own, create new uses.

Designer: @estudiobaltico contact for more info!

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student.design student.design
Inspired by the coexistence of the Chinese and British, the YI-RACK coat rack elegantly integrates the different approaches to clothes hanging in British and Chinese culture. It can be placed everywhere in your room.

Designer: Ying Cui contact for more info!
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